Enterprise Data Warehouse

UAIR is dedicated to informing decision making at the University of Arizona by managing an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) that provides valuable, accurate, and timely data to stakeholders through the UAccess Analytics platform.

Adding Strategic Value

The EDW integrates source systems for more in-depth data analysis and enhanced business intelligence opportunities.

The EDW gives stakeholders a strategic advantage by providing data-based insights, standardizing distinct data sources, delivering consistent data, sharpening forecasts, and streamlining information flow.

Pulling Data Sources Together

The warehouse collects and organizes data from the University of Arizona's core institutional reporting systems:

  • Employee
  • Financials
  • Research
  • Space
  • Student
  • Budget & Planning  

Refreshing Data Nightly

Data is refreshed nightly through automated processes that draw data from core institutional sources.

These processes build various types of data tables. There are also snapshot tables containing copies of data as it looked on a particular date for regulated reporting requiring certain time frames in reports. 

Enterprise Data Warehouse Access

Data from the EDW can be accessed through UAccess Analytics or directly through our data warehouse.


If the request access involves transfer of University Data to Third-Party Systems, the following guidelines must be met:

University Data Protection - All facilities used by or on behalf of the Vendor to store and process University Data will implement and maintain administrative, physical, technical, and procedural safeguards in accordance with industry best practices at a level sufficient to secure such data from unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Such measures will be no less protective than those used to secure the Vendor’s own data of a similar type, and in no event, less than reasonable in view of the type and nature of the data involved. The Vendor must maintain the administrative, physical, technical and procedural infrastructure associated with the provision of services to the University in a manner that is, at all times during the term of this Agreement, at a level equal to or more stringent than those specified by the parties to this Agreement.

Please review the attached guidance from the ISO office.


For questions regarding accessing the EDW, contact uair@arizona.edu.